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Category: Projects Posted by: admin Posted on: 17 Jul 2023

Golden We, California’s premier cannabis dispensary, is highly visible on the Internet today. This was not always so. The company was not even online. It was completely invisible, as is the case with no social presence and no appearance in search results. Besides its most loyal customers, nobody ever heard about it. Despite its quality buds and impressive menu, word was simply not getting out. Nobody knew it existed. This is where NewDeez came in. These days, sales are better than ever.

Website Optimization

Getting Golden We online was priority. First, we created a new website. Built it with search optimization as focus, making it easy for search bots to index it. Almost immediately, it started ranking in search results, where people are specifically wanting weed. This increased traffic to its website exponentially. Targeted traffic. The website is easy to navigate, highly educational, and very user friendly. Today, it is attracting new clients. Very actively too.

Credible Content

Quality content is fundamental to a high-functioning website. It needs content, and lots of it. Trusted, credible, reliable. Most importantly, informative. It needs pages, blogs, press releases, even videos and links to verified profiles across social media. This boosts search rankings. A first page result guarantees people will find you. Sharing relatable, educational, and sharable content will also attract people. We created a content strategy that makes people happy they found Golden We.

Detailed Analytics

For real success, every digital marketing plan needs detailed analytics. It is the only way to truly know how a campaign is performing. Without it, you have no idea what works and what does not. We analyze all aspects of our strategy, bettering those campaigns that need it, and boosting the digital plan overall. Such data is the cornerstone of any business decision. So it is with Golden We. These insights are the reason the company is doing so well online. Simply put, we watch it.

Skyrocketing Profits

Golden We is the busiest it has ever been. Ever since we got this dispensary online, more and more consumers are flooding its doors. People are discussing its weed, the high quality of it, its wide selection, and its incredibly fast delivery. The store long ago went viral. Customers are traveling to California specifically to taste its flavorful buds. It is now so popular that everybody is talking about it. The result of this is, naturally, higher profits. Much higher. Higher than ever before.

For an online marketing campaign to work as well as this one, it needs experts. Specialists. An entire team behind it. Dedicated. It needs staff monitoring the campaign. It needs web designers, social media experts, SEO specialists, writers. NewDeez provides this. More. We monitor all aspects of a digital strategy. The professionalism, dedication, and expertise of our team is how Golden We became California’s most loved cannabis dispensary.

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