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Category: Projects Posted by: admin Posted on: 04 Apr 2023

Herbarium is a household name. A recognizable cannabis brand. Based in Los Angeles, California, this marijuana store is the go-to for most weed lovers in the state. These days, it does most of its sales online. This was not always so, however. Not long ago, Herbarium was struggling to attract Internet customers. It was completely invisible online. It did not rank in search at all. Nobody even knew of it.

Website Build

Enter NewDeez. We built a new website. From the start, we focused on optimizing it for search engines. Today, it generates its own traffic just by being visible, in both search and social media. It attracts targeted leads, those specifically looking for cannabis in California. The website is easy to navigate, easy to use, ideal for commerce, and importantly, indexable by search engine bots.

Content Strategy

Information is key. Fundamental. Herbarium ranks well in search results because it provides useful content exactly when and where people need it. We specialize in content. In media. People trust Herbarium. It informs them. They share its content on social media. Its blogs and videos. We provide the content. We target it for search. For people. For bots. For whoever comes looking.

App Creation

One of the reasons for Herbarium’s staggering popularity is its friendly app. It is easy to use. It tells people where their weed is. When it leaves, when it is on route, and when it is about to arrive. It makes selling cannabis much easier online, for both the store and for those buying. Such apps establish brands. Establish reputation. Establish credibility. Here, we specialize.

Detailed Analytics

The success of any digital marketing campaign relies heavily on analyzing its performance. By monitoring what works well and what does not, we can optimize the strategies that do best and maximize their impact. Detailed analytics give the insights necessary for informed decision making. In Herbarium’s case, this data allowed us to truly expand its reach, both socially and commercially.

If one ever needs example of how effective digital marketing can be, Herbarium is it. This humble dispensary is now cannabis culture. It is successful online branding. With proof its record sales. Herbarium is busy. Likely the busiest in Los Angeles. Profits have never been higher, customers never so many. For a business in need of online sales, the right digital campaign proves essential.

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