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Category: Projects Posted by: admin Posted on: 21 Apr 2023

Honey Badger, New York’s premier fine dining restaurant, is all the over the Internet these days. Not long ago, it was not even online. It had no social presence, no visibility, no ranking in search. Besides its dedicated patrons, word about this unique and interesting place was just not getting out. Despite its viral concept and wild dishes, it was invisible. Nobody knew of it. Enter NewDeez. Today, it is busy.

Optimized Website

The first step was getting Honey Badger online. We built a new website, focused on optimizing it correctly for easy indexing of search bots. This made them visible in search engines, where people are specifically looking for a restaurant like theirs. As such, they now have targeted traffic. Lots of it. The website is informative, easy for people to use, and actively attracting new patrons.

Trusted Media

A website needs content. Blogs, web pages, press releases. It needs trusted media. Credible links and verified social media profiles, all of it designed for search. Ranking in first page search results is one way for people to find you. Another is through media, by coming across sharable, relatable, and educational content. We specialize in media strategies. We make people happy they found you.

Thorough Analytics

Analytics are the cornerstone of any successful digital marketing campaign. Without it, you cannot know how your strategies are performing. We provide detailed analytics on all aspects of our plan, improving those that need it, and optimizing the entire campaign. These insights are crucial to deciding on important matters. Honey Badger performs well because we monitor it closely.

Highest Profits

Honey Badger has never been as busy as it is these days. Ever since we got the restaurant online, new customers have been coming through its doors. People are talking about its unique menu, its wild concept, and some are learning from its foraging ideas. The restaurant has gone viral. People are coming to New York just to taste what these two clever chefs are cooking up today.

For digital marketing to be as successful as Honey Badger’s campaign, it needs a dedicated team behind it. It needs people watching all aspects of the campaign. It needs writers, designers, SEO specialists, social media experts. NewDeez provides for all its digital needs. The expertise of our people is how Honey Badger became Brooklyn’s most popular restaurant.

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