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Ophora Water Technologies LLC is a company that engineers, manufactures, and designs hybrid water products. The goal of Ophora Water is to improve the quality of life through the creation of ground-breaking technologies that guarantee the safety of water to bathe, drink, and swim.

Gone are the days when potable water is consumed right from its source. There’s the need now, more than ever, to only introduce water that is devoid of pesticides, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals into our communities. Normally, chemicals like chlorine and alum are used for water purification in order to meet the federal water standards. These compounds rather worsen than improve health conditions.

Ophora Water develops next generation water purification systems and products that are reliable and easy to maintain. The company tailors each product to the specifications of individual clients, paying great attention to every detail all through the process.

Ophora’s innovative technology restores water to its natural state of purity, thereby improving its ability to rejuvenate and purify the body. The company has three operations, namely Ophora™ Whole Home Systems, Ophora™ Drinking Water, and Ophora™ Wellness Spa.

Ophora™ Whole Home Systems

Ophora has four Whole Home System models that are offered with bespoke filter section to fit your public water system. These systems include Essential, Micro, Nano, and Ultra systems. All four system types match well with our revolutionary, stable and bound oxygen component. It is our mission to create a lasting solution to the problem of poor quality, domestically-consumed water from unhealthy sources.

Ophora™ Drinking Water

By making sure we offer the highest quality of oxygenated, purified, alkaline water, we have consistently set the premium standard for the bottled water industry. Virtually all the vigor that’s available for our body to use daily is provided by oxygen. Hydration also serves as one of the best, simplest methods to maintain good health. Therefore, the infusion of oxygen into water fuels the body with two essential anabolic requirements. With our innovatory methods, we are able to suffuse into your body at degrees greater than 30 PPM, elevated levels of oxygen.

Ophora™ Wellness Spa

Ophora’s wellness spas offer an experience with oxygen-rich, ultra-pure waters that are absolutely organic and free of chlorine. These waters carry the same natural healing powers that humans have used for millennia. The benefits of Ophora’s wellness spas include improved energy levels, effective detoxification, and optimal hydration. Our spas have undeniable therapeutic properties and the results are amazing.

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