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Pot Valet is the one-stop site for all cannabis needs. Established in 2014, the online dispensary’s primary goal is to drastically improve the distribution of legal marijuana across the Golden State.  Pot Valet consists of a team of bud tenders, growers, and connoisseurs that work synergistically to provide the finest experience for consumers.

Pot Valet offers a wide selection of premium-grade cannabis products that are absolutely safe to use, while making incredibly fast deliveries with utmost discretion, to any location in California. Mostly deliveries are made to your front doorstep in less than 45 minutes. Home delivery, hence, alleviates problems ranging from security, time restraint, and the costs that come with driving down to a local cannabis dispensary.

What is Pot Valet?

Pot Valet is a leading online weed collective in the US. They ensure that the marijuana products that gets delivered to each consumer are made from the finest materials sourced from around California. The practices that allow Pot Valet to consistently impose itself as a market leader include:

Fast delivery

From the country to the suburbs and central municipalities, Pot Valet makes delivery to all locations in California. Deliveries are fast and reliable. Being able to maintain good product quality and deliver them in less than 45 minutes definitely put them ahead of the competition.

Legal compliance

Recreational marijuana was only recently made legal in California and it takes a lot of government paperwork to get a marijuana business running legally. Pot Valet acts in accordance with all laws and regulations, making the online dispensary a licensed business.

Solid supply network

The company uses suppliers that are authorized by the state, and distribute only to adults and patients with a prescription. Working with approved marijuana dispensaries that are tested for reliability, Pot Valet guarantees the consumers’ safety, as well as meets their expectations for quality and discretion.

100% natural products

Due to the fully legal status recently awarded to marijuana in California, growers are ever looking for ways to meet up with the overwhelming demands of consumers. Many farmers seek unethical ways to boost their productivity. As a result, a myriad of unhealthy marijuana products are introduced into the market. This is not the case with Pot Valet as they only sell 100 percent organic weed that does not contain pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals or contaminants. Before putting them up for sale, each product is lab-tested for quality assurance and safety.

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