Category: Projects Posted by: admin Posted on: 13 Apr 2023

Spa Logic is a very popular beauty salon in Washington D.C. Today, it is recognizable. A few months ago, only its dedicated clientele knew about it. Nobody else. It did not exist online. Nobody could find it. It did not show in search results. It did not show anywhere. It was floundering. Since business cannot survive these times without a strong digital profile, it was vital that we got them online.

Website Development

With high visibility as our primary goal, NewDeez designed a website that generates targeted traffic. Spa Logic is now online, with a professional website that is easy and navigable for prospective clients. We built this website with search in mind. As such, it attracts leads already looking for beauty services. It is informative and user friendly, placing this salon leagues ahead of its competitors.

App Creation

Spa Logic has an app the envy of all. Clients can now book appointments, check schedules, coordinate times, and organize their beauty needs themselves. From their phones. NewDeez creates apps that help people. That make their lives better. Easier. Apps that give credibility. That build trust. That establish a reputable online identity for business.

Search Engine Optimization

The only real way to become visible in search results is to optimize your digital portfolio for it. Search engine bots now have easy access to Spa Logic’s website and social media profiles. We took the time and made sure of it. The company ranks well because bots can index it easily. It also shares relevant and useful information that people are looking for, which further helps to rank well in search results.

Record Profits

With Spa Logic now online and attracting targeted traffic, new leads, it is performing better than it ever did before. This salon is busy, among Washington D.C.’s busiest. Profits are at their highest. Breaking company records. Because clients can find them easily, they do. In large numbers too. An effective digital marketing strategy remains the most lucrative plan for modern business.

Of course, there is more to being online than just ranking in search results. There is content too, the creation of media. Spa Logic now has a website, with blogs and other content to attract traffic. The sharing of quality information is just as important as search. As such, it should form the very basis of any digital marketing campaign. Spa Logic sets the perfect example for this.

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