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Located in New York, The UPS Store is a popular packaging and courier company with dedicated clientele. However, the store was invisible online. It had no digital marketing plan and was not attracting new customers. It needed help. Since NewDeez loves such a challenge, the company is now doing better than ever. Record sales. Record profits.


Website Design

The UPS Store had no workable website. Keeping it simple, we designed a friendly one. A website easy to navigate. Easy to use. One that can both attract and manage targeted traffic. The company is now online. NewDeez built a website that generates its own leads and sends new clients directly to the store. As such, it has never been busier. It is flourishing.

Search Engine Optimization

Success online needs visibility. High visibility. Since The UPS Store was completely invisible, it did not exist. NewDeez optimized its entire digital portfolio for visibility in search. We made it easy for search bots to index the company’s website and rank it in search results. Now, if anyone looks for packaging and courier services in New York, they will find the store on the very first page.

Content Procurement

Every good digital marketing campaign needs content. Websites do not write themselves. Neither do blogs, social posts, or other types of media. NewDeez gives voice to The UPS Store. The company now has an online identity. It has information for people. It has blogs. Articles. Press releases. None of this would be possible without our writers.

App Development

The UPS Store now has an app that lets customers know exactly where their parcels are. It alerts them of departure time, keeps them informed of the route, and gives them an expected time of arrival. NewDeez specializes in app development. Online success means making it as easy as possible for customers, new and old, to interact with you. Our apps do that. More. They build relationships.

The UPS Store has grown significantly since joining our NewDeez family. This is a company that inspires immense pride in us. After an intense and very successful digital marketing strategy, it is now ahead of its competitors. Way ahead. From humble beginnings online to industry leader, The UPS Store is a shining example of why modern business needs an intelligent Internet campaign.

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