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Category: Projects Posted by: admin Posted on: 31 Mar 2020

Welcome to Valet View

Valet View offers the very latest in delivery convenience. Whether you manage a company that delivers stock or simply want to have your own parcel delivered, Valet View makes the whole process easier, providing a single platform to easily manage and track deliveries in real time, wherever they go. What is more, the app is free, and it connects a network of companies, customers, and professional drivers.

Important App Features

The app, created by us here at NewDeez, gives you the ability to track and analyze your deliveries as they happen. Valet View is skyrocketing in popularity as online shopping and personal delivery go mainstream because of this Covid-19 pandemic. The app is truly interactive, and it offers a horde of useful and important features to guarantee all parcels travel safely and smoothly. These include:

·         Streamline Your Operations

Valet View makes operating any delivery company incredibly efficient and capable. It allows you to save time and streamline all business activities intelligently and with consumer satisfaction as focus. You can manage orders placed by customers, with orders updated in real-time and drivers connected and coordinating on the go. The benefits of this for both businesses and consumers are immeasurable.

This truly is an app focused on intelligent dispatching. Once an order goes live, the app updates itself immediately and notifies the company, the driver, and the customer. This enables everyone to run an efficient delivery service, with up-to-date orders and real-time interaction with the entire delivery chain, from collect to eventual drop-off.

·         Work in Real-Time

Valet View offers updates in real-time. Your customers enjoy the best experience because they have all information at their disposal during delivery. The app is highly engaging, interacting positively with consumers. Further, companies can use real-time functionality to organize drivers efficiently, as well as monitor performance and other valuable business intelligence.

Everyone in the delivery chain, from managers to drivers and customers, have a direct line of communication with each other throughout delivery, cultivating a positive, productive, and friendly relationship and working environment for all involved. Real-time benefits are enormous when tracking parcels, streamlining operations and engaging with consumers like no other time in history.

·         Gather Valuable Analytics

It is important to make informed, intelligent choices. Advanced analytics empowers you with insightful business intelligence. The order list offers an intense map of logged locations and deliveries, improving organization immensely. You can see all pending deliveries, as well as those completed successfully already. The map updates constantly, in real time, so you receive notifications of new orders and more.

More importantly, the comprehensive map gives companies, drivers, and customers a way to plan the best driving routes, vital for drivers to avoid congestion and other potential issues, and even coordinate arrival for when folks are home and able to collect. What is more, the app can generate any information you need, think reports on pending and complete deliveries, productivity, location data, and more.

Valet View – Future of Delivery

The features of Valet View make online shopping more than just a convenience, but a safer alternative to brick-and-mortar businesses. Delivery, reliable and trusted, is essential for ensuring customers receive what they pay for, whether that is goods or services. To compete in this thriving marketplace, you need the tools to keep your deliveries ahead of your competitors.

Those already using Valet View have access to a wealth of insight into their businesses. Productivity reports scrutinize most popular areas, even drivers most popular with clients and making the most deliveries. Logs are detailed, just what you need to satisfy consumers and encourage steady and loyal followers. No matter what you deliver or want delivered, Valet View does it best.

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