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Category: Projects Posted by: admin Posted on: 17 Jul 2023

In Las Vegas, Viva Hair Studio is your go-to hair salon. It was not always so, however. Not long ago, nobody ever heard of it. Unless people stumbled upon it, they had no idea of its existence. The salon had no website. No presence at all online. It was completely invisible on the Internet. Despite its loyal clients and its highly qualified stylists, nobody could find it in search. Nobody could find it at all. Enter NewDeez. Today, this salon is busy. Celebrities, influencers, the crème de la crème of Vegas.

Completely New Website

We had to get Viva Hair online immediately. This was our very first step. We built an entirely new website, optimized it properly for search engines and their indexing bots. Overnight, the salon became visible in search results. Right where people are looking specifically for them. This generated immense traffic. Targeted leads. Plenty of them. We made the website fun. Informative. Easily navigable and friendly to all types of people. As such, it continues to attract new clients.

Reliable Content Strategy

Content is the backbone of every website. Web pages, blogs, articles, press releases, videos; a website needs them all. It needs reputable content. Trusted. Informative and educational. Sharable. It needs verified social media profiles. It needs authoritative links. People can find you easily if you rank in search results. These actions will help. Hopefully Page One. However, content is another method of attracting people, if it is good enough for them to share. Here, we excel. We specialize.

Proper Campaign Monitoring

Detailed analytics are essential to every digital marketing campaign. Fundamental. You cannot monitor the performance of your strategies if you do not know how they are doing. We provide insightful analytics on all aspects of the campaign. Such details tell us what needs improving, what needs optimizing, and what needs trashing. Insights like this give Viva Hair the insights needed to make impactful business decisions. Today, it is thriving because of them.

Profit and More Profit

Viva Hair Studio is more profitable now than ever before. Being online has generated an entirely new stream of revenue. Ever since we got the salon online, people have been thronging outside its doors. Everyone is talking about its relaxed atmosphere, professional vibe, and expert stylists. Their creations regularly go viral. People are visiting Las Vegas to have their hair done here. Then, they are hitting the clubs and casinos and other glitzy events, looking their very, very best.

For the type of digital success that Viva Hair enjoys, you need a strong marketing strategy and a dedicated team to work intensely on it. Your campaign requires close monitoring of all its plans. It needs staff, like designers, SEO experts, social media specialists, and writers. NewDeez has extensive experience with digital marketing. We provide for all your digital needs. The skills of our team are just what made Viva Hair the most popular hair salon in Las Vegas.

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