Creating a UI that requires very little thinking and a UX that keeps the users happy is quite a multifaceted process. This leaves a gap in the UX/UI market which we are poised to fill.

From how your site looks and feels to how users responds and interacts, Newdeez will be with you with every step, to develop UI/UX in a way that allows people to interact with your company or the service you provide, in a seamless manner.

Though UI and UX usually get swapped by laymen (and even professionals), they are actually not the same. User interface and user experience designs are applied integrally in the process of developing a product but their processes and skill sets of the designers are different. Continue reading as we explore the uniqueness of the two fields.

What is UX?

UX design is originally a practical term used in cognitive science to mean the processes which address all areas by which an end-user’s interaction with a company, their products and services can be improved. However, the term UX is used more predominantly in the technology field.

As a procedure in technology and other fields, it can be applied to just any phenomenon or situation that can be experienced, be it mechanical equipment, transacting on your banking app, or a visit to a designer outlet.

How easy is it to use that hand mixer? How does shopping in that store make you feel? These are the type of questions a UX designer asks. Apart from visuals, UX design is concerned with developing and improving on areas where an end-user of a product or service are likely to derive a feeling of satisfaction.

What is UI?

Because of the versatility of its application, user interface design cannot be defined in one sentence. Many markets that employ UI designers interpret the skill in a misconstrued way, the most popular incorporating the functions of a frontend developer. Other skills wrongly described as UI design include graphic design and branding design.

While UX is a hodgepodge of processes that focuses on making the use of a product or service more effectual and pleasurable, user interface design is what brings harmony, with the way a product looks, feels, and interacts with its consumers.

UI as different from UX is an absolutely digital terminology that describes the point where an end user interacts with a product on a digital device; for example, the touch screen of an ATM or registration portal of an academic institution.

Developing a good user interface for a product means that the interactivity, look and feel of a product has great intuitive properties. For a UI designer, this means getting creative with fonts, buttons, icons, color themes, page layout, and every single thing that’s likely to improve your experience.

Keeping your target customers in mind, we design and develop your web pages and apps to make their experience with your product as rewarding as it can be.

Our UX designs are applicable in:

  • Execution and Analytics
  • Strategy and Context
  • Wireframing and Prototyping