Essential digital marketing strategies every startup must employ in 2020


Marketing is not how it used to be 5 decades ago. It is not as it was in the last couple of years. At the pace which marketing strategies are evolving, it is often overwhelming for businesses, especially startups, to keep up with the whirl of the industry they belong to.

Small ventures that start out online are smart enough to recognize their many disadvantages at competing in the conventional marketplace. Hence, what they can accomplish through digital marketing in the short run determines if they will remain in business. Investing in digital marketing for your business can be highly rewarding, but getting thousands or millions of people to attend to your product, and perhaps buy it, ain’t no cakewalk. Let no candy-tongued, unscrupulous affiliate-marketer vlogger tell you it is.

What is marketing?

Marketers may describe the term “marketing” in varying ways just as there are many different types of products. If you think it’s solely about selling and buying, then you’re wrong. Marketing encompasses many aspects.

If you need to sway someone to do your bidding, or try to talk your way into a musical show without an invitation, you’re marketing.

If you’re an environmental activist advocating for practical measures against climate change, you’re marketing.

If you are vying for a political office or looking for promotion, you’re marketing.

As long as you want people to give you some attention, a bit of their confidence, and some of their action, you’re marketing.

What is digital marketing?

When marketing activities are carried out with the use of internet-enabled electronic devices, it is called digital marketing. Digital marketers leverage online channels, for example, social media, email, search engines, and content-stuffed web pages to establish a connection with potential and actual customers.

There are a myriad of digital marketing strategies, but it takes identifying the ones will work for your business, to ensure growth. To know what works for your business may take some time, but we’ve done the hard job for you. Here are 4 essential digital marketing strategies that will give your startup a head start in 2020.

Social media marketing

The power of social media cannot be underestimated. This is popular knowledge. You’ve probably pushed one or two ads on FaceBook but not sure how effective it will be. With the right content at the right time, your post could send millions of organic followers to your site in a few days or even hours.

According to a recent research by Forbes, your posts on social media would reach more people and actually engage them in real time if you schedule your posts with tools like Hootsuite. This tool is invaluable for reaching people in time zones different from yours.

Good news is you don’t have to do this yourself. We recommend you hire a few competent social media influencers to help with posting on multiple channels.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Quality never goes out of style. SEO is the oldest trick in the book, and it always works when done right. While the technology of how Google’s algorithms work remains perplexing, your SEO can be more effective by applying a few simple strategies, for example, adding a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to your Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Your page changes to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

The HTTPS security requirements by Google actually impact your SEO ranking. Google automatically ranks pages it deems more secure higher. But while basic SEO practices can be easily learnt, we suggest you employ the services of an expert SEO manager.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is important, in reaching a targeted audience. Apart from making sure you consistently update content that is valuable and practical, it is also necessary to create content that proffer long-lasting solutions to your audience’s problems.

You should seriously consider mobile content, as portable devices make up more than 50% of how people access products and services online. Marketing automation is a strategy that is required for effective content marketing. This allows prospects to get updates and notifications on their smart phones at the times they need them.

Retargeting ads

When you launch your startup, you build a website, do advertisements and hope people visit and patronize you. However, many prospects are hard to convince, and you may not be getting the desired results initially. Your potential clients need persuasion; they need to be “poked” a few more times to get their attention. This is what retargeting ads do. Find more information on retargeting ads here.

For a startup to succeed in today’s business world, it takes a lot of competition. Knowing the digital marketing strategies that works for your business can make you stick out from the crowd. There are many digital marketing strategies that work, but social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and retargeting ads are the most effective for startups.