4 reasons for your business to embrace web development in 2020

Imagine a super-handsome fitness model going to a dinner function, dressed to impress. Walking in, all eyes rest on his iron-sculpted physique wrapped in a custom-made tux. Bright lights flatter the satin details that contrast the matte texture of the main material. And the way the pants sit on his Italian oxford shoes makes him impeccable. After a while, a crazy-hot blond girl with which he’s been making eye contact approaches him, stepping with feline grace. She strikes up a conversation and they both get along almost immediately. Suddenly, she says it’s time to go and asks for his card.

“Oh,” he says. “I’m sorry, I don’t have any.”

Her tipsy friend emerges from the bathroom and saunters by, and with that, they leave. But she turns for one last glance. She likes you; she probably thinks of you for another fortnight. With no way to reach you, she soon forgets and moves on… and eventually she meets another guy, maybe not as attractive.

When promoting a brand, it is indisputably important to always present it to the public at its best. But if your business is such which makes pretty girls develop jelly feet, getting jacked like Aquaman is only half the campaign. Without web presence, you become that fitness model who the beautiful girl can’t ever reach again, no matter how eye-catching you once were. The same goes for all businesses.

How important is web presence?

You can run a lucrative and motivating business that meets an exact need of thousands of people, but if you can’t sell it unless in person, people will forget it and find alternatives. Had the model only had a complimentary card, flying sparks could have turned into fire, and they probably could have had a lifelong relationship. In the same way, if you put your business online, you establish an opportunity to turn prospects to brand-loyal customers. To have this web presence, web development is necessary.

It is important to differentiate between web development and web design. Web design refers to the aspect of website building that concerns beautification and UX. Web development takes it from there and gives life to the design files by applying an array of programming languages, which include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

There are 2 types of web development:

  • Intranet web development is done only within an organization, with exclusion to the outsiders. Intranet uses most of the same technology on which the Internet Protocol (IP) is based.
  • Internet web development uses a global system of computer network that uses the TCP/IP suite to interconnect a myriad of local and global networks.

Many promising startups are often faced with challenge of how to gain an edge in a competitive market place. Nonetheless, most of them die within 3 years of establishment. This is because they undervalue the power of web development to get their businesses driving in top gear. Creating a well-developed website for your business can bring you both short and long term profits. Let us walk you through a few reasons why web presence is pertinent for your business.


Entrepreneurs are increasingly hedging away from the old-fashioned brick-only business structures and leaning towards brick-and-click and click-only businesses. While having a brick-and-click business structure is important for large companies and multinationals, an official website suffices as the only medium for many SMEs.

Sometimes, locating companies physically may pose a few problems. Or, for example, you have people trying to reach you from outside your locality. A website can serve as a credible source. Focus on what you stuff your site with and the way it responds to queries. This will get you a relatively big audience in the short run.

Unlimited access

A business that understands what its customers need will always have someone checking in, if you have a brick structure. During the 9 – 5 regimen, you may record an impressive number of visitors and get some sales done. But what happens when you close your physical outlet? You might get carried away by the profits you made during “office hours” but you need more than that to thrive. Truth is, most of the clients you need for your long term business goals are tied-up with their own regimens too during the day.

It will surprise you how much engagement and actual clients you can make with an online forum. Due to their lifestyles, most people always look for the easiest ways to access information about the products and services they need. Also, if you’re selling highly regulated products, having remote access to the service seems to be more desirable for potential buyers.

Expedited transactions

Everyone likes the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes. They would be glad about not needing to visit a physical location if they can just do it online. Buyers also appreciate a well-developed site with great UX. This may translate to a lot of audience and positive reviews for your business.

Global Marketing

Web presence allows you to link the product/service information of your website to popular social media. This means that you can reach people from all around the world by promoting your products on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, and Google+.


Website development is an indispensable part of marketing, if you want your business to grow. Most of our transactions today are done on computers and via internet. Consequently, a well-designed and –developed website will get you your space in a volatile online marketplace.