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Category: Projects Posted by: admin Posted on: 21 Apr 2023

Granny Za is famous for its potent cannabis. However, it was not always so. Until recently, nobody knew about it. The store had no online presence, so nobody could find them. Today, after an extensive digital marketing campaign, Granny Za is more popular than its competitors. Everybody knows just who they are, and everybody gets their weed from them. Online and hassle-free.

New Website Creation

NewDeez built a comprehensive website and designed it specifically for search engines. Optimized and easy to index, bots have no trouble ranking it in search results. This website attracts its own leads. Not just any leads either, but those wanting cannabis right now. It is easy to get around, user friendly, great for online orders, and educational for those looking for information.

Intense Media Strategy

It was vital that Granny Za got its name out there. For that, it needed content. NewDeez created a strategy for viral and sharable media. We give people the information they want exactly where they want it. Blogs, videos, press releases. The more information we provide, the more trusted Granny Za becomes. It builds credibility. Establishes a knowledgeable reputation. Puts them ahead in search.

Targeted App Development

Granny Za is popular for a few reasons, its potent weed just one of them. Another is its useful app. We designed an app that lets people know exactly where their orders are. They know the moment their bud leaves depot, where it is on the way, and when it will arrive. Online sales are much easier and more convenient for all involved when companies utilize such useful technology.

Insightful Analytics

Analytics are fundamental to any digital marketing strategy. Granny Za is popular today precisely because we analyzed its performance online and bettered it wherever we could. This needs detailed data. Insight. This allows intelligent decisions. Such information greatly expanded this store’s reach. Socially. Commercially too. It is important to tweak campaigns for better performance. Only way.

This cannabis dispensary exemplifies the benefits of a digital marketing plan. Granny Za is now enjoying record sales. They are busier than ever. People are coming to them online, where they are now at the forefront of cannabis industry. This is how brands become whispered in homes everywhere. They get online. Become visible. Rank well in search results. Where people find them.

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