The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO for Businesses with Multiple Locations

Local SEO for Businesses
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Narrowing down your marketing campaigns to local regions has its merrits. One of these advantages is that your promotions will reach a specific target audience that is most likely to invest in your products, thus saving your company from spending on viewers who are not very likely to commit.

Restricting your marketing field can, however, be disadvantageous to businesses with multiple locations.

When you have a company with various franchises, and branches, or run an e-commerce store that can deliver to a larger region then it is important to target your SEO for multiple locations. In this guide, we share some more info on the best ways to achieve SEO for all of the different locations you serve and some great marketing strategies.

Why Running Multiple SEO Campaigns is Important?

According to a 2019 survey conducted by Social Media Today, 46% of all online users that leverage Google’s search engine will try to find local information. It is also believed that 97% of those who do seek out local businesses will visit local companies within 24 hours of obtaining information.

With such an astonishing conversion rate, it makes perfect sense that your brick-and-mortar business does need a well-established online presence. This data also proves that it is important for each physical store location to be well-optimized for SEO.

Tips for Developing a Sound SEO Strategy for Multiple Locations

Marketing agencies use all sorts of strategies to optimize your visibility so search engines can easily identify, understand, and list your company, products, and services. This way clients in each location can easily identify and locate the closest branch.

Ultimately, each location requires a mini SEO campaign of its own because the target audience can be a little bit different for each location. Here is a quick look at some great tips for developing a sound multi-location SEO campaign.

Develop Web Pages for Each Location

You don’t need a website for each business location but including a separate page for each business location can be a huge help. These location pages should speak about services or products available in each location and can provide the client with information like the specific branches’ operational hours, the physical address, and contact information. You can also provide information like local delivery services or call-out services.

With this local information, regional visitors can easily find out everything they need to know and you are much more likely to see online visitors visit your store in person.

Optimize Each Location Page

Location pages should be well designed so they are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and packed with information. But that is not all. These individual pages should also be optimized for the specific area. This is done by using specific keywords in the content, creating a logical URL structure that includes the location, and adding photographs of your physical store can also bring some comfort and familiarity to new customers.

Location pages are then further enhanced by adding local-specific content. This can be content that adopts the local vibe or way of communicating or can address problems, and issues that locals in that particular region often struggle to overcome.

Create a Google My Business Page for Each Location

Google My Business pages have become extremely popular among the general public. Customers love to view images of your business and products since this gives them a good idea of what to expect. The ability to read through online reviews left by other customers can also be a huge help and many visitors enjoy creating reviews since people in general like to be helpful in some way.

You certainly need a Google My Business page for each location. This page should also be optimized with the needed keywords, images, contact information, and physical address. As part of the SEO strategy, marketers will frequently change and update the information on your page to keep things fresh, and engaging, and to promote SEO.

Locally Targeted Blogs

Creating blog content for each individual location can also be a huge help. Blogs are terrific marketing strategies since you can easily share the information with all of your subscribers and the blog can provide helpful advice on the company’s products and services.

Blogs can be optimized with keywords that relate to your business, products, or services and can surround topics that locals are likely to search online.

Create Listings on Local Business Directories

A good way to enhance your local search in each location is by creating a listing for your company in each local business directory. The listing should include your physical address, contact information, and a little snippet of information that tells the reader more about your business. This snippet of information is, of course, enhanced by using the right keywords or phrases.

Build Strong Links

Link building and adding more backlinks to your website and each individual location page is also a great way to enhance your SEO. That is because backlinks help generate more authority for your website, making it seem a lot more authentic and secure.

Backlinks can also make it easier for customers to navigate back to the right location pages or navigate to your website from other online promotional content like social media adverts.

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